1st Call for New Cell Phone Design

We are pleased to announce our 1st call for designs for new cell phone prototypes. This years contest will start on January 1st and continue for 2 weeks. At the conclusion of the submission process, our judges will look at each new cell phone prototype and give it an award based on all of the following categories:

    – Is the new cell phone design innovative?

    – Does the smart phone prototype help solve a problem that is currently unsolved?

    – Uniqueness of the design of the microprocessor

    – Eco-friendly materials used in both the sourcing and construction of the smart phone

This year, we will be adding a new category. This is based on recent claims that Apple uses 3rd world slave labor to manufacture and source their products. A recent video purports to show the atrocious working conditions of the average Chinese worker inside the factory that manufactures the iPhone. Moving further down the supply chain, we see even more flagrant violations of the labor law wherein miners are purported to illegally mine tin in the jungles of Vietnam and Malaysia. While technically out of Apple’s control, the various suppliers along the supply chain purchase materials from illegal and unsafe operations, which then make their way into the iPhones and iPads.

The new category will be unique and innovative ways of avoiding exploitation of 3rd world workers. From sourcing inside America to putting the homeless to work, there are a myriad of viable solutions to combat these illegal labor law violations.

We are also looking for unique takes and designs on cell phones. There will be a heavy emphasis on practicality over art, form vs. function in the design of the prototypes. Bonus points will be award for actual prototypes being submitted along with the appropriate manufacturing and sourcing processes.

The new cell phone design submissions will be shown to the major cell phone companies and manufacturers. There is a small chance that if your submission does not win the contest, a supplier or manufacturer will contact you and look to purchase (whole or in part) your idea. This is not a regular occurrence, however it has happened in the past. 4 years ago in our smart phone conference in Helsinki, a user whose submission did not win was actually bought out by a major manufacturing company in Shenzhen, China.

We ask that all submission be original and free from plagiarism. By submitting your new smart phone prototype, you agree to our terms and services. You also agree that all ideas submitting are original and yours or your organizations. We welcome people from all ages and walks of life, including students. If you have a solution to a problem that is currently facing the smart phone market, the industry would love to hear about it.

First prize will be featured in our monthly magazine as well as awarded a 30 minute presentation in front of thousands of attendees of our convention in 2016. You will also get to meet the moderators. This is a valuable networking experience for all up and coming smart phone designers.